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As a traditional company from the Black Forest, we are proud to be able to share our passion for precision with our sponsoring partners.
By working together with our cooperation partners, we not only gain inspiration for our timepieces, but also lasting connections that we greatly value.

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We are grateful for the support of our brand ambassadors who share our values and fascination for beautiful watches.

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Our cooperation partners

"In handball, every second counts, which is why our team, just like a Junghans watch movement, must be perfectly synchronized and perform reliably. With the joint design of a fan watch, we are combining the dynamism of handball with the precision of watchmaking."
Rhein-Neckar Löwen, Handball Bundesliga team
"In the world of ski jumping, accuracy and reliability are crucial to success - just like in Junghans watches. For me, our partnership is like the perfect jump: precise, powerful and always to the point."
Karl Geiger, German ski jumper
"For an aspiring ski jumper like me, perfect alignment and absolutely every detail counts. The watches from Junghans are not only a chic statement, but like Junghans itself, a reliable partner on my way to the top."
Martin Hamann, German ski jumper
"Our most precious commodity is time and with a Junghans watch you always have it in view. The watches from this traditional company are produced in my home town in Schramberg in the Black Forest. Just one of many good reasons, in addition to the classy design and high-quality features, why Junghans is the perfect partner for me."
Sandra Paruszewski, German wrestler

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